The SPCA was set up in 1953. The inaugural Trustees were Reverend William Figgess and Dr George Hemming of Suva

SPCA Vision:

To progressively align animal welfare in Fiji to world best practice and ensure that all animals, particularly those serviced or housed by the Fiji SPCA, are healthy, free from suffering, neglect, cruelty and treated with respect.

SPCA Mission:

To provide quality and affordable animal health and welfare services. It is also to provide education to the people of Fiji, particularly to animal owners.M

SPCA is network of organizations who collectively work to create positive change for animals and improve animal welfare. SPCA’s all around the world believe that animals can experience pain and suffering and it is over to humans to ensure that their welfare is respected and protected.

It is for these reasons they actively advocate for the Five Rights of Animals:

1. Freedom from hunger & thirst

2. Freedom from pain, injury & disease

3. Freedom from distress

4. Freedom from discomfort

5. Freedom to express behaviours that promote well-being

SPCA also advocate for humane slaughter methods.

Fiji SPCA commenced operation in 1953 and has been caring for the animals of Fiji since that time. It operates under the governance of an Executive Committee and has a resident Veterinarian and an Administrator who manages the Fiji operation. Fiji SPCA currently has only one branch based in Walu Bay and has a team consisting of approximately 8-10 permanent staff and many short term Volunteers.

In the future, the SPCA intends to expand their facilities and eventually relocate existing premises to new, better and safer locations.


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